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Investment Opportunities

Real estate investing offers great prospects and the rewards lead to financial freedom and a consistent stream of residual income

The real estate sector in Nigeria is flourishing despite the COVID-19 epidemic and despite the economic downturn the industry still thrives and has only grown bigger, monies can be made in the real estate market through ways such as property management, property ownership, property development, purchase, rental, or outright sales of properties. Property development is highly capital-intensive, properties are acquired in very attractive areas with high prospects of marketability then redeveloped into luxury apartments, commercial structures, etc., and then sold at high profit margins.

Unfortunately, all that glitters is not gold, real estate in Nigeria does have its ugly side and requires deeper market knowledge, many times investors have either been misled by unscrupulous people in the market or had their funds trapped in an investment that could either have been overpriced or gotten tied up for years with legal disputes.

What do we do before we invest in real estate?

We conduct extensive research to ensure the value, availability, and marketability of the property(s) and we ensure the proper documentation and legal-free issues on all our properties. We at flip properties have a reliable and experienced team of professionals that specialize in their core expertise.

Instead of going into the real estate business yourself and experiencing all the stress and pitfalls that come along with it?  you could invest your funds in our company.

Flip Properties Investment Packages

We are currently offering the following packages

Salary Investment: You earn 1% of your investment as salary every month for a minimum of 2years. Benefits: Capital is intact and you can cash out with 3 months’ notice.

Pay with Specta: Loan application based on your statement of account

Land investment: Purchase from our estate a minimum of 1 acre and earn 20% profit in 6 months.

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